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1, appearance: the color of the floor is laid during first need to determine the color also have an impact on people's feelings of pleasure. Since color is reflected in the most direct way to the floor appearance, it can be used as a work area partition mark!

2, chemical resistance: This is a special area for some, such as laboratories, warehouses and other places, when circumstances occur after exposure to a chemical substance ground!

3, the temperature factor: time to pay attention to design special areas, such as high pressure cooking, sterilization, freezing temperature, etc. are in extreme condition. Temperature is the most fundamental factor affecting the performance of epoxy.

4, mechanical wear: If the floor surface often have heavy or forklifts, the design of the floor in time to pay attention to consider the requirements of the mechanical wear of the floor, a special ground to special treatment.

5. Health requirements: hospital, laboratories, food plants for hygiene requirements are extremely high ground requires ground need to completely clean

Because of its overall seamless epoxy floor paint, do not gather dust, rich color and other characteristics, widely used by the people, can make use of the ground floor paint, non-toxic, glamorous, but sometimes it is really laying floor bumpy, uneven, this is why? We look at the epoxy surface irregularities of the reasons?

1), construction debris mixed, resulting in the laying process is not smooth! This requires the construction environment and strive to be clean, quartz sand particles uniformly who should choose!

2), the ground is uneven, undulating floor construction is too large or too thin specification, which requires flat ground handling, pocket Buxiu and clean ,, according to the actual situation choose to do the right type of flooring, eradicate, bending whiskers!

3), when the material is applied, has been part of the reaction, the viscosity is too large, and even lumps, before and after the coating material shall be used at the time of completion of convergence.

4), interrupted construction materials, too late to join, will lead to uneven situation!工业地坪漆在设计地坪时,须注意以下细节: